Fund of assistance to socially unprotected citizens of Georgia
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About Us

The Foundation was founded on April 12, 2012, with the aim of assisting socially vulnerable citizens of Georgia:

  • large families,
  • orphans
  • bedridden elderly
  • people with disabilities.
We were able to help: 

The foundation has helped more than 2000 elderly bedridden people

Opened 3 family-type orphanages for 30 children who are deprived of parental care

More than 100 large families in all regions of Georgia received help from our foundation

To charity

activity the foundation spent about

7'000'000 GEL

9 November 2018
Charity event to help little Demetre
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9 November 2018
A charity event to help George Lominadze and Nuce Guntsadze!
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9 November 2018
Become a Volunteer
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9 November 2018
Charity event stores OVS
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9 November 2018
Do not forget to do charity and God's mercy will overshadow you!
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9 November 2018
Charity in the world and Georgia - expectations and reality
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0105, B. Gorgasali 6,

Tbilisi, Georgia

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